My obsession with black

“Why are almost all of your clothes black ?”
My friend asked me as she searched for a wearable outfit in my wardrobe.
I didn’t have an answer.
It  wasn’t until this point that I realized the fact. I took a look at my wardrobe. Indeed, it looked as if someone has spread a black curtain over my clothes.
“Well I like black. It’s a quite aesthetic colour”
“You are obsessed with black”
It was this statement that made my mind and my eyes suddenly super-sensitive of anything black around me. I looked around. Curtains, posters – everything had a shade of black. It was as if I was trapped in a black hole. ‘Is this normal?’ was all I could think.
Now I know most of the people love black and have a wardrobe condition similar to mine. But when I say I’m obsessed with the colour black – I mean it. It’s not just about clothes and shoes. Literally anything that displays a dark colour like black attracts me. Even small (and stupid) things like postcards.
Also this led me to thinking – What does this say about me?
So I searched in the google (as any average person would do) and I found out I’m depressed and I need to open up more (which is not totally false though). But apart from this, what the title mostly said was:
So yah that was a fun (read: horrified that someone will come in and assume the wrong thing) search.
But one thing that I don’t understand is the fact that why people associate  the colour black with sadness and in some cases bad luck. Personally I feel like black is a soothing colour. Black to me is peace and silence with a hint of mystery. At times it is really annoying when people ask me if I’m ok just because I’m wearing all black (which is 90% of the time).
So are you obsessed with black as well ? Has anyone called you a freak coz of that? Let me know in the comments.
Some facts about black (well its just two facts that I came across and it’s not that great but whatever)
1. Black is not actually considered as a colour as it doesn’t absorb any light spectrum. (yah really, like you officially can’t say black is your favourite colour)
2. The darkest shade of black, known as Vantablack, traps light to such an extent that it make the surface look like a void. (Finally found a colour to describe my soul. lol)  The company (that made it) however licenses exclusive use of the technology to the artist Anish Kapoor, who uses it to give the viewer the impression that they are looking into a black hole.
So bye. Have a nice week ahead. (also sorry for posting late as I procrastinated to the point where I was lazy to even get up and connect my pc to the charger as I slowly watched it die in front of me)