Anime for life

Whenever you go to a concert or any events, you can always see people or rather mostly teenagers ‘fan-girling’ over some person or a certain piece of art (like movies, games etc.). So almost every teen has an obsession that eventually becomes the centre of their whole life. Well mine is anime.
Anime…So what is an anime? Google states anime is “a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children” .So to a normal person, it may look like just some random animation but for an anime fan it is much more than just a TV animation. Once you get hooked onto anime, it can literally ruin your life. Imagine combining suspense with romance and dreamy characters and then adding some amazing tunes and dialogues – yup that’s anime. However just like TV shows, all anime are not that good. But if you pick the right anime, it will get you addicted.
I remember just two or three months ago, I literally had no idea what is an anime. I had often heard about it from others but never thought of trying it out as it made no sense why some 15/16 year olds would be obsessed over some animated character. However one day as I was just casually browsing, I stumbled upon an anime website and decided to give it a go. ‘Well the worse that can happen is me wasting half an hour’ was what I thought but little did I know that this one decision will make me waste half of my life stressing over two  animated, imaginary guys fighting for their lives.
Sword Art Online
The first anime I ever watched was called ‘Sword Art Online’. I wouldn’t describe it as the best anime ever created but to be honest, it was quite good. It is all about a virtual reality game called ‘Sword art online’. The main protagonist, Kirito, one of the million users of the game, logged in one day to find that they can’t log out and return to the normal world. So they stay struck on this virtual reality fighting to go home by completing all 100 levels of the game. It’s not that stressful to watch and has a good amount of romance.
Death Note

I  think the best anime I have ever watched is ‘Death Note’.  Its really very thrilling and is full  of twists and turns. I absolutely loved it. It is about a high school boy called Light Yagami (quite a unique name) who one day find a death note, a diary that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. After acquiring the diary, Light goes on a killing rampage, killing all the criminals in the world to make a world of justice. However a mysterious detective ‘L’ tries to stop him.

There are also a few anime that are in my ‘watch list’ :-
1. Yuri!!! on ice (I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed about this)
2. Free! (why do these anime have unnecessary exclamation marks)
3. Attack on Titan
But apart from the fact that they provide great entertainment, it can ruin your life (as I mentioned earlier). And its not just anime, any sort of obsession over fictional or virtual character can prove to be quite dangerous. For an instance, instead of doing the million important tasks that I have, I just procrastinate by watching anime (which is not at all ok). Every time I have a task at hand, my mind starts generating thoughts like ‘it wouldn’t hurt to watch a single episode’ . But oh god, believe me when I say it is impossible to watch just one episode of an anime.
Also another problem I have is that my parents or my friends don’t understand my deep emotional attachment to it. So whenever I get emotional over a character’s death, they just look at me like ‘You are weird’.
So I feel like while obsessions are a great way of keeping one self entertained, but if it gets out of control it can be a great disaster in one’s life. But then again most obsessions do not last the entire of teen years.
So do you watch anime or is this a complete new term for you? Also let me know what obsession are you into?
(Sorry if you didn’t like the post. I promise I can do better. I wrote this on one of those days when I don’t feel like doing anything. : P)
Bye. Have a nice day. : )

Entering a new world

Hello everyone. Hope you are having a nice day/night. So this is my first attempt at blogging and I’m kind of nervous (yet excited) about this. I will start by introducing myself.
So this is me – Diya and I am a teenager living a not-so-exciting life in a not-so-exciting country – India. Now I can hear you asking – If you live such an unexciting life, then why did you decide to blog about it. Well as for that, this blog won’t technically be basically me ranting about my life. This blog will kind of be about the miscellaneous hazards and stuffs faced by teenagers like us everyday (well that sounded more serious than I wanted it to be.Dont worry it wont be that serious). I will also include some other random stuffs (like ‘Interesting things on the internet’)
So now I would like to  give you some idea about me and my life.
Firstly, I am an ambivert. I like having my close friends around me but at the end of the day I enjoy my solitude more than anything else (well Diya, doesnt that make you an introvert? I guess). I love reading books – mystery and fantasy being my favourite genres. I also love playing video games but wouldn’t quite call myself a gamer though.
angels and demons.jpg
The book that changed my entire point of view
My life as a teenager is as normal as any teenager’s life (except they probably don’t spend their time making paper planes.  Dont judge).So  school fills up half of my day and the other half is spent on the internet (not recommending that though).
 What inspired me to write a blog – Sometimes I have some (very) random and strong opinions on some matters that always stay in my head only to be lost in the black hole of oblivion forever.
Me and my innumerable thoughts
At other times I feel like I am the only one thinking or doing something differently.  So quite recently, after reading some blogs, I decided on making one myself. I am really unsure if people are gonna even read it. But I will try to post as frequently as possible. I think the current schedule is gonna be twice per week (would love to post more frequently but you know what its like).
So there you go. That was my introduction. I promise my actual blogs are not gonna be as crappy as this one. If you liked my Intro and want to get more of my blogs, then you can follow to get notified when I upload next (no forcing on that) and please comment to tell me if you liked it or if you think I should never blog. Also you can communicate with me through my Gmail account.
Bye for now. Hope you have a good week ahead. Cheers!