Heights of imagination

Ever found yourself wondering what would happen if there was a sudden meteor explosion today ? No? Just me? Well I guess I’m weird. But seriously whenever I’m not doing anything (which is like 96% of the time) I just casually zone out and start thinking about weird situations.
Just a couple of days ago, while I was in a public transport seated by the window, I zoned out, and by zoning out I mean fully unconscious of my surrounding and being in a sleeping-with-my-eyes-open type of condition. And I repeat I was in a PUBLIC transport. And just to add to the weirdness of the situation, guess what was going inside my head. No, I wasn’t thinking about the important crisis of our country or how to end world hunger, instead I was imagining how I would introduce my city to a foreigner. Yah, like literally, I was imagining a situation where a foreigner, who came to my city, is horribly lost and doesn’t know any Indian language and I’m the only person left for help (because obviously you would go to weird 15-year-old when you are in trouble right?) . And as I was imagining the entire conversation in my head, I didn’t even realize that I crossed my destination and was headed to a completely different location. When I snapped back to the real world seeing the sudden unknown surrounding, I was just 2 stops too late. So instead of just telling the driver to stop the car instantly (as any normal person would do), I waited for the next stop while panicking internally. Then I got out at a place which was about 20 minutes away from where I was supposed to go. Thankfully I didn’t zone out on my way again.
Even in school, I zone out sometimes and the most embarrassing part of it is that I sometimes mouth the words I say in my imaginary conversation and even mimic the expressions (I hope you understand the shame of the situation). Sometimes my friend see that and are like “Are you talking to yourself? Is something wrong? Do you wanna talk?” and I’m like “No it’s nothing like that, ok?” (Though I do talk to myself ). But honestly every time I’m just by myself my mind begins playing weird scenes.

earth end.jpg
The mental image I have of the end of earth

The craziest one I had, was when I thought what would happen if the world started being destroyed like the movie ‘2012’ ; like so many people are in the shower or in their bathroom; would they run out naked trying to save themselves or would they put on clothes first ? (I’m sure that’s like world’s biggest question right now?). I told you it’s weird.
So do you sometimes think about such absolutely meaningless and weird situations that are probably never gonna happen ? Or are you normal and have a life unlike me ? Let me know in the comments.
Bye. Have a nice week ahead.