Equality…or not

Equality is quite a powerful term in our modern society. Almost everyone is supporting equality and of course that is how it should  be. Everyone is born with similar rights regardless of their gender, sexuality, religion or skin colour. However to really think of it, are we truly supporting the concept of ‘equality’ completely ? Despite the fact that LGBT community are given much attention and support, lying within the darkness of society are people who can’t look upon a gay person with the same view as a straight person. These are the kinds of people who post in their Instagram ‘oh yes! I totally support the LGBT community’ but in real life they would find it hard to accept a gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender person as their sibling or bff. Due to the influence of internet, people have started changing their opinions according to the most trending hashtag whether they truly support it or not.
Then again there’s the stereotype of male dominance over the female in society. Although women have become a lot more conscious and the boundary lines are gradually diffusing but the complete removal of this line is still a farfetched idea. For example, how many people do actually watch women’s sports like football or cricket. Not just that, various activities like household keeping, cooking are still stereotyped as women jobs. And belonging to a patriarchal country, I sometimes wish that I was born as a boy rather than a girl. Even when the women stand up for their own right, they are just labelled as ‘feminist’ and not taken seriously.
I don’t understand when people fight over religion and political issues. To think of it whatever are written in the holy books are just opinion of some person. In fact everything in this world are just opinion of someone. Stuffs written in textbooks are the opinion of that author. Now it’s up to you whether you agree with it or not. But nowadays people just agree with whatever is presented to them without judging both sides first. Like when people see a crazy homeless person in the street, they immediately take a dislike towards them and (sometimes) even make fun of them. But no one thinks about the fact that probably the person has gone through some immense trauma in his life to become  mentally challenged. I know maybe I think a bit too much about such things. But think about it, the fact that males are superior is just  an opinion accepted by a lot of people. The idea of a female – male couple is also just an opinion that people think are the laws that can’t be disobeyed . It was probably some person was like “gays/lesbians/bisexual/transgender are so stupid. They aren’t normal. Straight people are best.” and then others agreed to it (coz people like whatever is presented to them); and now for that they are literally ruining other’s life.
Opinions are important for making progression as long as it doesn’t directly cause damage to someone else. I think we should respect everyone’s opinion whether we like it or not. Everyone should get a chance to express their opinion instead of just fighting over someone else’s. I don’t know how much I’m making sense if at all but I would really like people to just respect and understand opinions.
I am really sorry if I have unknowingly hurt you or your beliefs by this as that was not the point of my post. I would really appreciate if you share your ideas regarding this in the comment.
I have been partially influenced by this post . So you can check it out.
Bye. Have a nice week ahead. : )

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