Bored? Check out these sites

Often when I am bored, I go browsing on the world wide web. And truly it is worldwide with its content. From weird insane sites to genuinely funny sites – you can find anything in the virtual world. So if you are bored, you can definitely check these websites out.
(The sites are ranked randomly, not based on anything)
1. Google Feud
google feud.png
Ever wondered what the people in the world search for in google. Well now, you can get the answers to these questions by playing  this  google search based game. The aim of the game is to complete a sentence given according to what google would autofill it as. It has some mildly shocking results (that may destroy your faith on humanity forever) but it is highly entertaining.
2. Higher or Lower
higher or lower.jpg
Another google search based game. However this one involves the popularity of search items such as certain personalities, movies, places and some random objects and makes you compare two items and guess which has earned more google searches.
(tip: try getting more than 4 as your score or else you will get sassed by the game)
3. The Useless Web
useless web.jpg
One of my go-to sites when I am bored. This website is perfect for when you can’t decide which (useless) website to go to. It will solve that problem for you and take you to a weird website that will either make you cringe and contemplate the meaning of the world or will leave you in a confusion as to why does that even exist. Summed up it is the perfect website to spend your time uselessly.
4. What if
what if.png
Wondering what would happen to the world if everyone jumped at the same time? well then this is the perfect site for you. From weird questions like “How many unique English tweets are possible?” to absolute insane ones like “If you went outside and lay down on your back with your mouth open, how long would you have to wait until a bird pooped in it?” – science has the answer to everything. The funny (but rational) explanations accompanied by stick drawings just add to the already wonderful subject. I would personally advice you to check it out.

5. Funny or die
funny or die.jpg
This website is an absolute must for those who love to see celebrity memes in their FB walls or twitter. This site showcases hilarious pictures, videos and articles featuring celebrities. So get ready to spend some quality time if you are deciding to give it a go.


Author: Teen life

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