A not-so-social party

You are welcomed to laugh at my misery.

Hello there! So this is me Diya and today I’m gonna talk about the most awkward party I have ever been to.
Firstly, lets just accept that we have all been there at least once. Those inevitable awkward parties. And by that I do not mean the high school/college friends’ party. I mean the party where you’re literary the only teenager (in addition to the fact that you know no one). If there is a list of places I would NOT like to go then that would be in quite a high position. In fact I would rather eat mushrooms than go to a party where I hardly know any one (yes I hate mushrooms, don’t judge me) . And unfortunately a few days ago I ended up in one.
I mean, not that I knew it would a huge mistake. Well, maybe I did. It was a party invitation from my mom’s friend.
I would normally never say yes to such parties but mom was like “You have to come with me.”  and I was like “umm…what ?!”
Not wanting to face the consequences of saying yes, I tried to convince her how harmful the outer environment would be for me. But at last she promised me to buy “The lost symbol” by Dan brown (what a nerd!) so I had to agree (coz I m basically broke). So this is how a mere introvert like me was mercilessly thrown in a sea of new people.
The moment I stepped in the hall (which by the way looked more like a garden with all the plants and flowers) I knew I was in trouble.  So I tried to stay in the corner avoiding everyone. But you know there’s always that one person that is dying to meet you. Therefore I had to come out of my camouflage and greet my mom’s childhood bestie. And as you can imagine it didn’t go well.
It was fine until this point of time (I mean I had a crappy time but still it was bearable) but then came the ultimate danger – the kids. In general, I do not have any hatred towards kids. I think they are adorable. But when you are trying to avoid socializing at a party, they are just not very helpful. What started out as cute gestures like offering me a flower (which is weird, now that I think about it) soon turned to a game of ‘who can be the most annoying’.
Finally when I had given up on life and concluded that nothing else could go wrong, my phone proved me wrong by showing that annoying red line in its battery icon. And then destroying all the hopes I had in the world, it switched off.
Just imagine being left alone in an endless ocean to drown – yup, that’s how I felt. But somehow after that I did manage to stay alive and return home.
Who says teenagers don’t work hard to get what they want.
The book responsible for my doom.

So if you want to escape from falling in a situation like this, here are a few (hopefully helpful) tips:

  1. Do not say yes to go somewhere you are not comfortable going. Just do not. It’s not worth it.
  2. If you find yourself in a situation where  you know no one, try talking to one or two people who are similar to you (like  similar age, interests etc.). Don’t do what I did and hide in a corner because that will just make people think you are being left out and more people would want to give you company.
  3. Remember to charge up your phone before leaving the house. Believe me, it can save you from a lot of awkward situations.
  4. If your party is taking place at someone’s house (like mine did), you can try going to the balcony or garden or somewhere with lesser amount of people.
  5. Remember there’s always gonna be that one person who tries to communicate with everyone. Make sure to mark them out and avoid them if you don’t want any socializing.
  6. As for avoiding kids, you can  engage them in some sort of activity to plan your neat escape.
  7. And if you have not already learnt from my experience, then please save up your money to buy things you want. (I wish I did)
So there you go – the story of my awkward party that is full of regrets. I hope the tips helped you in some way. You can comment telling me the story of your awkward party or you can add onto the tips for others to avoid such situations. If you liked this blog, you can follow me to get notified when I upload next. You can also contact me through my Gmail account. Suggestions and ideas for a blog are always welcomed
Bye for now. Have a good week ahead. Cheers!
PS: I know there are some people (well majority, maybe) who love socializing with new people. I am not showing any hatred towards them. I am just stating what I feel about meeting new people. Everyone has different opinions and I respect them.

Entering a new world

Hello everyone. Hope you are having a nice day/night. So this is my first attempt at blogging and I’m kind of nervous (yet excited) about this. I will start by introducing myself.
So this is me – Diya and I am a teenager living a not-so-exciting life in a not-so-exciting country – India. Now I can hear you asking – If you live such an unexciting life, then why did you decide to blog about it. Well as for that, this blog won’t technically be basically me ranting about my life. This blog will kind of be about the miscellaneous hazards and stuffs faced by teenagers like us everyday (well that sounded more serious than I wanted it to be.Dont worry it wont be that serious). I will also include some other random stuffs (like ‘Interesting things on the internet’)
So now I would like to  give you some idea about me and my life.
Firstly, I am an ambivert. I like having my close friends around me but at the end of the day I enjoy my solitude more than anything else (well Diya, doesnt that make you an introvert? I guess). I love reading books – mystery and fantasy being my favourite genres. I also love playing video games but wouldn’t quite call myself a gamer though.
angels and demons.jpg
The book that changed my entire point of view
My life as a teenager is as normal as any teenager’s life (except they probably don’t spend their time making paper planes.  Dont judge).So  school fills up half of my day and the other half is spent on the internet (not recommending that though).
 What inspired me to write a blog – Sometimes I have some (very) random and strong opinions on some matters that always stay in my head only to be lost in the black hole of oblivion forever.
Me and my innumerable thoughts
At other times I feel like I am the only one thinking or doing something differently.  So quite recently, after reading some blogs, I decided on making one myself. I am really unsure if people are gonna even read it. But I will try to post as frequently as possible. I think the current schedule is gonna be twice per week (would love to post more frequently but you know what its like).
So there you go. That was my introduction. I promise my actual blogs are not gonna be as crappy as this one. If you liked my Intro and want to get more of my blogs, then you can follow to get notified when I upload next (no forcing on that) and please comment to tell me if you liked it or if you think I should never blog. Also you can communicate with me through my Gmail account.
Bye for now. Hope you have a good week ahead. Cheers!